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Travel with confidence with GPS Navigtor which will guide you to any destination with ease, plus a variety of functions that support every application perfectly. Brilliant 4.3" screen which can be adjusted to display both vertical and horizontal positions automatically.

Rotate or flip the device to view the display in either portrait or landscape mode depended on your perference and working style.
Dual Map
A two languages map with the ability to switch back and forth between English and Thai maps on the unit. Find places for both languages according to the users' preference.
Junction view
Realistically displays 3-D road signs, arrows, and junctions on your route while clearly marking the correct lane to use. It makes driving so much easier when you know exactly which lane to be in and which exit to take. (Junction View and Complex Junction View)
Designed for hands-free phone call. Nuvi 2465 has Bluetooth ® wireless technology with built-in microphone and speaker. Just pair it with mobile phones that supports Bluetooth ® and talk hands-free through the Nuvi 2465, while concentrate on driving on the road. Simply dial numbers using the touch keypad to call. Just tap the screen and speak into a microphone in the device. Enjoy your calls with your contacts and points of interest with a single tap.
Intelligence Compass
Simply select a destination city. The device will show the direction of such destination to let the user know immediately.

Garmin locate
When user parks the car off and removes the nuvi 2465 from windshield mount, the device will mark the last coordinates of the user's car in the parking lot. So user does not waste time and find the car easily when returns.
Trip Planner
To plan your trip in advance, if desired. Users can instantly travel on the next day. Do not waste more time in choosing the destinations again.

Map Matching Process (MMP)
Resolve the discrepancy while driving on overlap roads such as highways, freeways, or parallel roads. Just select the desired road or route. The system will calculate the route precisely along with the road name that a car is running with clarity and accurately.

Customer Avoidance/ Area Avoidance
Specify or set up the avoidance to avoid the roads or areas that do not want to pass, if users know which areas have traffic problems or an event that will cause traffic jams.

Route Selection
Users can choose a route that will require a minimum amount of time or shortest distance possible to travel. The unit displays both routes to allow the users to select the desired path.

Intersection Name Search
Conveniently allows locating the position from the intersection name that you know.

Search Near Center of Map
Find a location near the current position more quickly. When the users move the map to any point, they can search for places near that area immediately. No need to set a new position every time.

Simulated Routing
Simulate a route easily whenever needed. By create a route without having to turn off the GPS.

Malaysia / Singapore / Brunei Map
Maps for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei come preloaded. These road maps can be used to navigate easily and conveniently by users.

Predictive routing that uses your “Favorites” list to figure out your destinations without your input. Provides time of arrival and relevant drive-time information.

NOSTRA Traffic
Support the display of data or traffic conditions at all times to avoid traffic jams.
*Note: The area and duration of service, quality and accuracy of data traffic depended on the traffic information provider. The company is not affiliated in any way.

Lane Info
Provides arrows that indicate the proper exit lane for complicated highway interchanges so that they are easier to navigate. You’ll know in plenty of time which lane to be in for the next turn.

Fuzzy Search
Search alphabetically to help you find places without having to know the correct spelling.

TTS (Text to Speech)
Navigation by speaking name of roads, sois, and locations as you go.

Calculate a more fuel-efficient route, track fuel usage. It even can help you learn to become a more fuel-efficient driver by showing you when you’re driving efficiently and when you’re not to help lessen warming global climate.

Life Menu
Add the convenience of walking to work or navigating back home with special menu-navigation buttons-to travel quickly and easily.

Automatic Zoom
Decide while navigation whether to keep the display of map scale at constant or vary following the car speed.

Travel guide only for users of Garmin nuvi models. Find favorite restaurants, shopping centers, attractions, and accommodations across Thailand at your fingertips. Selected and recommended by ESRI, maps and navigation leader.

Where AM I
A great function to find your exact position and places around you. The emergency locator to find latitude and longitude coordinates, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations, and fuel stations.

GPS navigator

GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigational system involving satellites. GPS was originally designed to assist military application. Today, the uses of GPS have extended to civillian include both the commercial and scientific worlds. For car rental business, GPS Navigator help you find places and destinations by short time. It navigate your direction and you will never lost again.

Navigate your direction with GPS Navigator and you will never lost agian...

Daily Monthly
200 baht 2,000 baht

Conditions :

  1. Optional accessories are provide with extra charge.
  2. The price is excluding VAT.
  3. In case of damage stolen or loss, the renter is subjected to pay the amount 10,000 Baht.